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Simplify your workflow and boost collaboration with Bernard, your dynamic production orchestrator


Visually Design

Collaborative and



Bernard Is A Unique Production Orchestrator

Bernard is a studio-wide production engine.

Studio-centric rather than project-centric, it is deeply linked to all the resources of the studio.

Bernard is the perfect link between your data and processes.


  • Smart Assignation
  • Gantt & Workload connected
    to workflow and timelog
  • Review your work in context
  • Notes and notifications
  • Roles, departments
  • User and production


Hardware &
Digital Security

  • TPN Ready
  • Automatic timelog based on
    computer activity
  • IP and Mac filtering
  • Per machine or user
  • Role-based rights
  • Property-based rights


  • Dynamic workflow
  • Automatic state machine
  • Expressions
  • Environment variables
  • Task as Scripts
  • Actions
  • Triggers
  • Events
  • Everything is connected
  • Python API

Files Control &

  • Automatic file synchronization
    on multiple sites and systems
  • File Path Editor using
  • Dynamic name convention
    and versioning
  • Adapt seamlessly to any


  • Application Launcher
  • Plugins integration
    3DS Max
    more to come
  • Import/Export Table

Build your own dynamic pipeline

“The key is located in the graph workflow structure, not in the states multiplicity.”

Multi-Site Synchronization

Revolutionize studio collaboration with our multi-site synchronization service.
Connect your teams without borders and enhance their creativity and productivity.

Production Sight

Team Performance

Automatic Timelog

Gantt & Workload

“Automatic Timelog, global metrics, and productivity reports by project or user.
Regain control over your losses and profits with all the information at your fingertips.”

Manage your Team

“Maximize efficiency with Smart Assignation, integrating Gantt & Workload with workflow and timelog. Streamline your process with contextual work reviews, efficient notifications, and customizable roles for all departments. Keep track of user and production performance for continuous improvement.”

Pandemic Ready

Instantly control access to your production all over the globe, using user credentials, IP or MAC address filtering. Bernard manage all the processes and file transfers to make you feel at the office. End-to-end secure transfers, access and encryption.

“Join the ranks of over 400 Hollywood productions by using Bernard. Harness the same technology and expertise that brought these iconic films and series to life. Elevate your production with Bernard, where your creative vision becomes reality.”

Bernard engine empowers me to create very complex workflows in very few clicks, allowing for powerful automations
That should have required a large dev team with other production tracking systems

Thomas Lhomme
CG Supervisor Milk VFX

“We use Bernard for several month now and we found it to be a robust and structurizing solution for studio management and project tracking. Can’t wait to see all the new features to come!”

Soal Givord
Head of Pipeline, In The Box

Bernard allows tracking production, time management and easy review. Bernard is not only flexible, it also enabled us to design our pipeline to automatize all sorts of automatic actions such as plates conversions, files deliveries, department dependencies notifications, etc… It’s a wonderful all-in-one that will offer comprehensive support to companies of any size

Christophe Rodo
CEO Megalis

“More than just a tool, Bernard has been, so far, one of the best and smoothest workflows to use in Matchmove Production. As a studio supervisor, the easy to adapt dashboards make KPI monitoring a child’s game !”

Nabil Harrar
Matchmove Supervisor, 3D Matchmovers